Company Profile

AAFUD Group is an independent private company and  has three subsidiaries in China: AAFUD Industry(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd, AAFUD Import & Export(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd and AAFUD Agriculture(Xinjiang)Co.,Ltd.  AAFUD has always had a commitment to the research and development of natural food ingredients and established GAP planting base. With the joint efforts of all the staff over years, our company has been developing into a company integrating with research and development, production, storage, plantation , import and sales network.

AAFUD Industry(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd

AAFUD Industry(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996 in Zhuhai, a seaside city in the south of Guangdong province.  Zhuhai is a beautiful city near Hong Kong and Macao, with convenient transportation and booming economy. We are a manufacturer specialized in natural colors, food flavors and functional food ingredients. We have been certified GB/T19001-2008-ISO9001:2008, HACCP-EC-01, HACCP-EC-10 and been a member of NATCOL since 2007. We have also established application laboratories equipped with the most advanced facilities. The natural colors, food flavors and fuctional ingredients with “KANGLONG” brand enjoy high reputation in both international and domestic market. Our product has been widely applied in different industries, such as food, health product, medicine, cosmetics and  dietary supplementary . In order to strengthen our technical power, we have built up a close cooperation relationship with famous university and research institute to keep up with the development of the  advanced technology.

AAFUD Import & Export(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd

AAFUD Import & Export(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd mainly engaged in foreign trade. We don’t just buy and sell our products, we are highly committed to provide our technical support and quality assurance service for our clients. We try our best to help our clients to solve all the problems that they may encounter during the whole process, thus we have established long-term reliable partnerships worldwide.

AAFUD Agriculture(Xinjiang)Co.,Ltd

AAFUD Agriculture(Xinjiang) Co.,Ltd  locates  at  Qitai , an important so called ‘dry dock’ in the ancient Silk Road . It is located in northface of Tianshan mountain in Northwest China.  Main business of the company is contract plantation and processing local agricultural product such as safflower.  

We have standard factory for sorting, processing and packing with our professional quality control and technician staff. We try our best to promptly understand and meet our customers’ demanding,  operate faithfully and provide our customers with the best quality products.


AAFUD INTERNATION(HK)CO.,LTD is mainly engaged in foreign trade and investment. We comply strictly with  our business confidentiality responsibilities ,  therefore  building up a long-term and reliable partnership with our clients.

AAFUD international food research and development center(Macao) Co.,Ltd

AAFUD international food research and development center(Macao) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013, devoting to the business of distributing food ingredients of reliable international brands and developing new products .