new product launch in 2020 - rainbow color


Magic rainbow

Ding-dong ~

Take off the rainbow for you --

Rainbow Color

Kanglong magic rainbow series of natural colors

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple

One by one, a rainbow bridge will be built

Through the blue sky

Glitter with joy

Kanglong magic rainbow series of natural pigment

Will pick the rainbow for you

The colorful rainbow is a beautiful sight

Rainbow Color

Safety guaranteed

Kanglong brand natural color

Raw materials come from plants, animals and microorganisms

Natural safety and no harm

Strict production standards, quality assurance

Complete qualification, safety guarantee

Focus on color and taste

and care more about people's health

Kang Long brand

Fill the baking with color

In the days of following the rainbow

You don't forget when bread comes out of the oven

Kanglong magic rainbow series of natural color

nine colors to choose from

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Violet, Pink, Black

Bright and natural color, strong dyeing power

Good coloring effect and good stability

Use controllable, customize your own color

Make your own rainbow colors with it

Make your beautiful cake attractive

Fill the baking with color

A little colour is a great use

Unscrew the cap and squeeze out a drop

Concentrated pigment molecules encounter the desired toning of the food

A sudden burst of color

Just stir it up a little bit

It can be perfectly integrated.

Easy to tune out advanced sense 

Rainbow Color

Gorgeous not only baking

Drinks, candies, dumplings

There are many more applications waiting to be discovered

Conlon brand natural pigment

Let the food colorful

Handmade with it to create brilliant rainbow colors

Rainbow Color

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