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Beverages market information

CategoryClassic CategoryGrowing Category

Carbonated beverages, ready-to-drink tea, fruit juices, protein drinksPacked drinking water, functional drinks, ready-to-drink coffee
PostedIn the past three decades, these categories have supported the rapid growth of the Chinese beverage market, and Coca-Cola, iced black tea, WongLoKat, Huiyuan juice six walnuts, and other classic star products that occupy a large market share.The above categories have also achieved rapid growth and have classic star products such as Nongfu Spring-packed drinking water, Reignwood RedBull, EastrocSuperDrink, and Nestle Ready-to-drink coffee.

l  Due to changes in channels and consumer preferences, and even the strategic adjustment of enterprises themselves, some classic products have encountered bottlenecks in growth and even fallen into decline, putting these categories in a defensive position.

l  The segmented categories such as sugar-free sparkling water, sugar-free tea, NFC juice, and plant-based drinks are rising rapidly, becoming new growth points within the main category, and may subvert traditional segmented categories.

l  It still occupies a huge market share.

l  Consistent with the trend of changes in channels and consumer preferences, in the case of slow growth in the beverage market, still maintain

l  With a higher growth rate.


Ice cream market information

Ruby Ice Cream Co., LTD. - Launch "Northeast Small plate" in winter

The northeast small board mainly targets the children's market. The product has only 4+1 raw materials, sweeteners free, preservatives free, colors free, and trans fats free. The company has always adhered to the concept of green, nutrition, and health, emphasizing "traditional taste real materials", so the use of clean labels.

Clean labels mainly include the following aspects:

l  Product ingredients must be natural, organic, and free of artificial additives and preservatives;

l  Product ingredients are familiar to consumers;

l  The simpler and fewer the product ingredients, the better;

l  Product ingredients do not contain difficult-to-understand chemical ingredients;

l  The simpler and shorter the process of making a product, the better.

"Kanglong" brand natural colors from natural row material, characterized by safety, health, good stability, our natural colors products can be mixed coloring according to the needs of different products, but also according to various products raw materials, processing technology, safety and quality needs to provide suitable natural coloring effect.


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