The Transformation of Tangyuan: From Seasonal Staple Food to Casual Dessert


The Transformation of Tangyuan: From Seasonal Staple Food to Casual Dessert

Synear “ShiShiRuYi” black sesame Tangyuan

Recently, sweet and lovely persimmon Tangyuan have been popular frozen products with beautiful appearance, and auspicious meanings. In addition to Synear other companies have launched persimmon-shaped Tangyuan.


It is understood that the missing “ShiShiRuYi” Tangyuan are new products launched in September last year. Carrot juice is added to the peel to give the Tangyuan a beautiful orange-red color, and barley flour and glutinous rice flour are combined to make green persimmon leaves. The two are put together to create childlike, beautiful, and contrasting persimmon Tangyuan.


Synear “ShiShiRuYi” Tangyuan once launched in the industry caused concern, and set off a "persimmon wind".

First of all, the appearance of the product is beautiful. Persimmon Tangyuan peels orange-red and green leaves contrast color match, both good-looking, but also restore the original appearance of persimmon ecology, full of interesting. After cooking, it is suitable for taking photos and Posting pictures in friend circles and has certain social attributes.


Secondly, “WanShiRuYi” means everything goes well. In Chinese, the pronunciation of Persimmon is “Shi”, which is the same as the pronunciation of Thing “Shi”. At present, the Chinese New Year is approaching, people's yearning for a better life, and expectations are enthusiastic, and the launch of “WanShiRuYi” Tangyuan just meets people's good expectations.

In addition, there are fruit Tangyuan, poi popping baba Tangyuan, and flower Tangyuan...... From seasonal staple food to casual desserts, the “dessertification” trend of Tangyuan is becoming more and more obvious.

At the same time, we also observed that approaching the traditional festival, more and more brands launched new Tangyuan, among which the trend of "dessertification" is more prominent. The brands not only carried out the ultimate “dessertification” transformation on the inner filling but also broke the traditional shape of Tangyuan in the shape, making the “desertification” road of Tangyuan hotter.

Brightfood fresh milk Longjing tea Tangyuan


Earlier, "Brightfood" launched the "Fresh Milk Longjing Tea Tangyuan", fresh milk into the peel and tea flavor filling, and Pillsbury Company and other brands jointly launched “dessertification” of this year's Tangyuan. In November, it continued to launch two new products of the "Fresh Milk Tangyuan" series: "Brightfood Fresh Milk Sesame Tangyuan" and "Brightfood Milk Soybean Paste Tangyuan".


Guangzhou Restaurant Tea Tangyuan

The new "Tea and Tangyuan" series on "Guangzhou Restaurant" innovatively applies the popular tea flavor into tangyuan filling, introducing four flavors: Chia seed jasmine, white peach Oolong, lemon black tea, and Lychee rose.


Synear Nuts Tangyuan


"Synear" is innovative in adding nut elements to tangyuan, launched the "Nut Tangyuan" series, a total of three flavors: chocolate, raspberry hazelnut, and black sesame hazelnut, who can distinguish between tangyuan and dessert? The addition of crushed nuts also makes the product taste richer and more diverse.


Holilai New Year Tangyuan


Hollyland's new crossover tangyuan series for 2022 comes in seven flavors: Oqiao, poi, black sesame, chocolate, coconut, rose, and peanut.

But this tangyuan is not out of date this year, simple and novel packaging alone in the freezer, can attract a lot of people's attention.



To sum up, the dessert brand can be said to be handy for the tangyuan category, and tangyuan brands are also moving closer to dessert, no longer confined to the limited staple food, which is to say that the boundary between tangyuan and dessert is becoming more and more blurred, and the “desertification” trend of tangyuan is becoming more and more obvious.

Therefore, when conducting research and development innovation, tangyuan can be considered from the appearance of different tones/shapes and multi-flavor filling, breaking the tradition and hitting the novelty psychology of contemporary people.

In this way, here recommend the use of "Kanglong" brand natural color, we provide the most extensive coloring food tones on the market, natural traceable sources, which can make consumers rest assured, that adults and children eat peace of mind.

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