Welcome a new starting point and start a new journey - the new office of AAFUD Group is officially opened!


New office opening ceremony

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With the rapid growth of AAFUD Group, the number of employees and departments is also increasing, and our old office can no longer meet our office requirements.


The opening of the new office marks a new stage in the development for AAFUD Group. The new office will provide everyone with a more convenient, comfortable, and professional office environment. It will help everyone to work happily and efficiently, meet new challenges with more enthusiasm and work status, and provide customers and partners with better products and services.

new office

Opening ceremony

On October 8, 2022, 9:09 am, the opening ceremony of the new office of AAFUD Group was grandly held. The chairman of AAFUD Group, senior leaders of the company and all Zhuhai employees attended the opening ceremony.

new starting point


Dr. Chen Wentian and Mrs. Liu Lina, chairman of AAFUD Group, together with representatives from various departments put on the incense.

new journey

Leader’s speech

Dr. Chen Wentian, Chairman of AAFUD Group, first expressed a warm welcome to everyone, and shared three points from《I Ching》in his speech.

new office 

First, “BuYi” is unchanged in the I Ching. We have come all the way since 1996, “Yafu Xingyuan” and “Jiayuan” unchanged is our original intention, reflected in the word "Jiayuan", "Jia" is the meaning of beauty, "yuan" is the source, we want to make the best, natural, organic raw materials, no matter how we develop in the future, this original intention will not change.


Second, “BianYi” is flexibility in the I Ching. Our management methods, organizational structure, and products must keep pace with the times and constantly innovate, to keep up with the development of the time.


Third, “JianYi” is concise in the I Ching. All our work follows the Yafu theory: the production of natural raw materials, sustainable management, and the benefit of human health. Work is the goal, work is training, all work for the company, no selfish thoughts, condense the strength of each employee, sustainable development.


Finally, Dr. Chen wishes everyone to enjoy their works, family happiness, good health and good luck.

 new starting point

Lion dance performance

Lion finishing touch

Paint cinnabar on the lion's eyes to symbolize giving life, and the lion that is touched will be alive at this time, symbolizing avoiding evil, good luck, and life or business are prosperous!

new journey

Lion dance

new office


new starting point

Make the venue thriving

new journey

Write at the end

 The successful holding of the new office launching ceremony is not only an important milestone in the development of Jia Yuan Group (AAFUD Group), marking a further step in the journey of "world-class food ingredient supplier", but also means that the group will continue to forge ahead in the new environment and forge ahead towards the goal of a bigger brand.

The blueprint has been drawn, a new journey has begun, as a benchmark enterprise in the food ingredients industry, Jia Yuan Group (AAFUD group) is ready to go!

 new office

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